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Thank you! After 37 years of practice, Lifeline Counseling Center closed on June 14, 2012. We have relocated our psychological practice to our new home in Dallas, Texas. We've been privileged to serve so many - and humbled that we've been allowed to be a part of your lives.

Although we have closed the office and now live in Texas, we remain accessible to our former patients. We can also be reached by email: Dr. Nancy at and Dr. Jim at Phone (972) 251-9615. Fax (877) 581-3908.

Contact information: Davidson Counseling Group, 7800 Preston STE-145, Plano, TX 75024.

If you are seeking a referral for counseling, our suggestion is to contact your insurance company. We do not know who is on your insurance panel - but your insurance company does, and can make therapist recommendations.

Many of you were greeted in the office by our daughter and office manager, Mandy Davidson Mathews. Mandy is now a registered nurse in the Washington DC area, and the proud mother (along with her husband) of Joshua.

Your records are secure, and may be obtained by emailing us with your request, and if appropriate, a completed release of information form. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing.

If you are a former patient, and wish to continue to have a counseling relationship with us, we would be glad to discuss the pro's and con's of Skyping or FaceTime. A long distance counseling relationship may be suitable in some situations, and absolutely inappropriate and unworkable in others. Telehealth is typically not  billable to your insurance, although some policies are adding this as a benefit. Thus, Telehealth fees are typically out of pocket, or paid through an HSA plan. Should you wish to discuss the possibility of counseling via Skype of FaceTime, please call or send an email.

We are so grateful for your trust over the years in serving you or your family. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. And while we will miss our patients and friends in Northeast Ohio, the Lord has ordered our steps, and we're where He would have us in this season of our lives.  

Drs. Jim and Nancy Davidson

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